Why do I’m feeling so bad if everything is going so well for me?

Why do I’m feeling so bad if everything is going so well for me? Life is going great for you. What you once projected has turned out just as you expected or even better. A satisfactory relationship, a nice family, an interesting job, excellent friends, financial peace of mind. What more could you want?

Why do I feel so bad if everything is going so well for me

From time to time a strange feeling of unease appears, as if there is some problem. You toss and turn in bed, you run a red light due to distraction, someone asks you if something happens to which you can only answer with a smile that you are the luckiest person in the world, while in the deepest secret you tell yourself … Yes, everything is going very well but… Why do I’m feeling so bad if everything is going so well for me?

It is an excellent question that only you can answer yourself if your consciousness allows it. At the moment I can think of some clues that may sound more or less in your particular situation and that can help to refine your perception.

1. You don’t remember, but your body does

You don't remember, but your body does

The body stores memories and although our mind strives to kill the memories, they often appear disguised as anguish, psychosomatic responses, incomprehensible sensations or disconcerting attitudes.

It may be then that we have not had such a good time at other times and that we do not even remember it. It may also be that we remember it but it did not seem necessary to resolve it at the time, Why do I’m feeling so bad if everything is going so well for me? for example, a duel, a failure, a losing streak or a threatening experience.

And now that everything is going so well, something invisible interrupts well-being like in those movies in which the past chases the character while he flees in terror until the past manages to corner him or his victim finds the way out of his labyrinth.

2. You or your mask

You or your mask

Over time the defenses that allow us to deal with the world are perfected and the armor of character hardens if we do nothing to regain its flexibility. And there comes a time when you no longer know if you are what you are or the mask that veils your true self.

It may happen then that after hearing so much that things have to go well, that no one finds out about your failures or that you hold up the image of your lineage, someone decides to put on the disguise of beatitude and appear as if everything was fine, when you really have no idea how you feel. because Why do I’m feeling so bad if everything is going so well for me?

Of course, that shell will occasionally reveal a crack and that is where a hint of consciousness appears that asks … And if everything is going well … Why do I’m feeling so bad if everything is going so well for me?

3. Not everything is going so well

Not everything is going so well

It’s hard to accept it, but even if you ignore it, sometimes not everything goes so well and the wonderfulness of that couple, family or work seems more a mirage than a reality.

Denial is one of the defense mechanisms that the unconscious uses to protect the psychic world from shocking experiences. That is why sometimes we prefer to excuse those who do not treat us so well or to justify our permanence in a situation for reasons apparently beyond our control.

With the cult of positive thinking, it is easy to leave cracks of discomfort in the depths, while continuing to walk as if the shoes were carrying stones, shuffling with the weight of dissatisfaction dressed in complacency.

4. The problem is over

The problem is over

Why do I’m feeling so bad if everything is going so well for me? Our autonomic nervous system suffers when we experience threatening, dangerous, lack or instability experiences. Thus, the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems falters, prioritizing, for example , alertness to the detriment of relaxation, wakefulness without rest, distrust without abandonment, energy blockage without fluidity.

But as the saying goes, there is no evil that lasts a hundred years and there comes a time when the wheel turns and we put ourselves in a better situation. Everything is ready to finally begin to enjoy… except for the nervous system that maintains its alert state in case the unfortunate experience happens again.

But … Why do I’m feeling so bad if everything is going so well for me? Possibly because the functions that started when things were not going as well as now have not been deactivated, so it would not be a bad idea to give the body the opportunity to regain its natural rhythm.

5. This unbearable happiness

This unbearable happiness

Be careful what you wish for because it is fulfilled, says another apt saying. And happiness is one of those wishes that fill cards, letters, and messages at all times of the year. It seems to be the queen of personal satisfaction that we aspire to know as soon as possible.

Happiness, as longed for as it is unbearable. What if it ends? What if it’s not real? What if I explode how happy I am? Everyone has their own construction of what it is to be happy, based on experiences and socio-cultural transmissions.

But when pleasure is experienced beyond pre-established concepts, it sometimes becomes unbearable and the tendency is to slow it down, making it unpleasant and distressing.

It is the situation of many people who say they cannot bear the happiness and prefer to remain emotionally neutral without being affected or disturbed by anything and when faced with moments of intense pleasure they ask themselves again: Why do I’m feeling so bad if everything is going so well for me?

Thus, the question can obey several possible answers and only you will be able to find and walk the path that leads you to solve it.

If you think that walking that path in the company makes sense, Character- analytic Psychotherapy ( see ) is a reliable alternative by allowing recovery of bioenergetic functioning, thanks to the systematic of the psycho-body work in combination with the analysis of character.Why do I’m feeling so bad if everything is going so well for me?

Because only when we are able to experience life naturally, can we go through it, giving and taking every day the best of this world that we inhabit.

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