When a person tells you that they are very comfortable with you, what does it mean?

We have all been told at some time after an evening that they have been very comfortable with you, and you don’t know why sometimes we have felt that this statement was real and other times we have noticed that they said it more to look good with us / as, but that this had not really been the case. Even so, and despite the fact that our feelings have been good and that the compliment has been given, we always look for something else that confirms that the person has been comfortable with us. In this Psychology-Online article, we want to explain what it means when a person tells you that they are very comfortable with you.

Why does he tell you that he is very comfortable with you?

What does it mean for a person to tell you that they are comfortable with you? When a person feels comfortable around you, it is usually for the following reasons:

  • The conversation you have is fluid and pleasant; usually, when you meet someone, despite not knowing much, you hope to find conversation topics that bring you together a bit and from which you can lead to deeper conversations in the long run. If from the beginning there are no possible topics of conversation, perhaps everything is more uncomfortable.
  • You transmit tranquility: when someone transmits tranquility, they also give tranquility to the other person. A calm, relaxed atmosphere is very important so that someone is comfortable with you.
  • Common points: when you share hobbies, musical styles, authors or favorite films, it is easier to find a connection between both or both and therefore be comfortable with each other.
  • Time passes quickly: one of the things that make us realize that we are comfortable with someone is when it seems that time flies by their side.

What does a person say to you when they like you

There are different things that a person can tell you when they like you, ranging from more superficial topics such as: “today you are very handsome or pretty “, to deeper things such as that they like the way you are or the way they are or when she is with you, that you transmit peace and confidence and that she really likes to be getting to know you.

One of the things that someone can tell you when they like you is that they are very comfortable with you , since that means that they feel good around you and that they like to be with you.

In addition, it is not only a matter of what he tells you but of the actions he takes to be with you, he cares about what you like and looks for plans that unite you. Here are several actions that indicate that he likes you.

Signs someone likes you

When a man or a woman likes you, you usually observe the following:

Invest time in you

When someone really likes you, they will make time to spend with you. You see that he really likes to invest time in you and looks for any excuse to see you.

You are a priority

This is a bit related to the previous one, but when someone really likes you and cares about you, you become a priority in their life and it shows in their actions. He takes you into account for different plans and looks for time to be or do something with you.

Pay attention to your plans

He listens to you when you speak to him and remembers what is important to you. They are interested in your hobbies, work, friends, etc.

Cares for you

Between the routine conversation there is always how you are and worries about your day to day, about your concerns, in case today you have a very busy day, he wishes you luck in what is important to you. He shows an interest that goes beyond something superficial and you detect that he really cares how you are.

It proposes different plans

He wants to explore and learn with you, so the plans are not always very routine and you see that the plans you make are to get to know each other better and grow together.

He involves you in his plans

When you have known for a while, he involves you in plans that were previously exclusively his, and of which he had not made you participate because it was early, such as plans with friends.

In this article you will find other signs that he likes you .

How to know what kind of relationship you are looking for

As we have said, someone telling you that they are comfortable with you can indicate that they like you. However, that he likes being with you does not mean that he wants to have a formal relationship, although it does not indicate otherwise. If you want to know what kind of relationship this person wants to establish with you, you should look at other signs:

For their actions

If he wants something serious, they detected that his plans are very focused on meeting you in every sense, he cares about all facets of your life, while if he only wants a hobby or something temporary, you will detect that the level of intimacy he wants to establish is so only superficial, there are many things about you that he will not want to know or will try to avoid. In this article, you will find the signs that a person is looking for a serious relationship with you.

For the topic of conversation

On many occasions, when a person does not want anything serious, you will see that the topic of sex immediately comes up through the conversation and makes statements such as: “for me sex is something very important that determines how a relationship will go.” And beware, one thing does not take away from the other, sex is an important part of a relationship, it allows you to establish an intimacy between the two, but you must watch when very soon they bring up the subject of sex to the minimum that you can or detect the opportunity.

Asking what kind of relationship you’re looking for

The quickest way to end this question is to be very direct and ask yourself what he wants to achieve by meeting you, what is his purpose and if he is open to love or just wants someone with whom to have fun , but without acquiring any kind of commitment. In this article, we explain what you can say to a person who just wants to sleep with you .

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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