Signs that someone likes you

“Birds of a feather flock together”. This phrase is a very used saying when people very similar in their way of being get together, thereby indicating that there is a certain affinity between them. However, when it comes to explaining the reasons why they get together and how they know that they are related, things change and much more when it comes to two people who like each other.

Finding someone who we like and who at the same time likes us can be complicated and frustrating and even more so in the time in which we find ourselves because sexual diversity can increase a little more the possibility of discovering if someone is interested in us or not.

Therefore, from Psychology-Online, we propose to provide a series of keys which are intended to help you identify if the person you are interested in also shows some type of interest in you through 19 signs that someone likes you.

It should be mentioned that they are general advice and that each case may be different.

Keys to know if a man or a woman likes you
How many times have we heard that if a woman nervously touches her hair, it means that she is interested in us or that if a man looks us up and down in detail, it is because he is also interested?

Well, you could say that this is true. Not in all cases, of course, but overall we do find a correlation between acting nervously in front of the person we like or observing in detail the person we like.

It is possible that it seems that we are generalizing when writing the previous lines, however, it is a tendency of all people not to be able to avoid getting nervous or wanting to memorize as much as possible of the person for whom we feel some interest.

How a person acts when he likes someone

People experience a series of biological changes when we find ourselves in front of the person we like. These are unconscious and involuntary and, no matter how hard we try to hide them, they can become appreciable by the people around us.

Some of these signs are a slight reddening of the cheeks, as well as increasing sweating of the hands. In addition, although it is only noticeable by the person who experiences it, an increase in heart rate occurs . As is scientifically known, this is due to increased levels of norepinephrine, dopamine, and adrenaline. In the following article, you will find more information about The Chemistry of Love .

On the other hand, we find changes in a person’s behavior when the person they like is present. We will see how he will try to get as close to her as possible, and if this is not possible, he will try by all means not to lose her from his change of vision, even becoming anxious if this happens.

Some of the people, act nervous and restless, talking about more when the person they are attracted to is present. They usually clear their throat slightly before speaking to avoid possible stuttering, which is common as a result of fears they feel about saying something inappropriate or out of place.

In addition, it is characteristic that, when the person you like is in the room, all gestures and actions will be directed towards this person in an unconscious way since all the attention is focused on them. It is not surprising that she wants the other person to notice her, therefore, many times she will tend to modify her body posture (pushing her chest out, putting her belly in, etc.) in order to show a slimmer and more self-confident figure.

Signs that show interest in you

What does a man say to you when he likes you? How to know if you like a woman? Although it is true that we will never find a person who performs each and every one of the following signs, we can venture to say that these are a helpful method to know and determine if the other person is interested in us:

  1. Permanent smile. You will not be able to prevent a smile from forming on your face with our mere presence. In addition, it is very common that if your eyes meet quickly a smile appears on his face, he has all his attention focused on you.
  2. Constant attention. Although this may seem like a simple fact of education, when one person is interested in another, he will not be able to stop being aware of her, even when he is not doing or saying anything that may require attention.
  3. He has a level of kindness with you that he does not repeat with anyone else. Despite the fact that someone is kind by nature, he cannot avoid being even more so with the person he is interested in, since it is known that, when someone feels cared for and cared for, he will develop a feeling towards the person who shows him such attention.
  4. It looks at your mouth when you are speaking. His gaze will be directed to your mouth even when you are not speaking. This is a pretty clear sign that they are interested in you. However, you have to be careful when interpreting it because there are people who during a conversation are not able to look into the eyes, so they divert their gaze to other points of the face.
  5. Find common ground with you . He will want to show that you have certain common aspects and in which you agree and are similar. This is to show that you can become very close.
  6. Try to spend time together . Show interest in the other person’s hobbies so that you have more opportunities to plan together. In addition, he will tend to propose plans with the idea of ​​being able to see you more often.
  7. He can’t help but express his nervousness in your presence. As we have mentioned before, they cannot prevent a certain nervousness from being reflected in their way of acting. Especially when they have to go directly to the person they like.
  8. Body posture . Your body will tend to be completely oriented towards the person you like, as well as to lean slightly towards her with the sole objective of eliminating a certain distance between the two.
    Now in the technological age, the fact that he responds quickly to your messages can also indicate an interest in you.
  9. It may also be that he will shower you with compliments, even if these are subtle, he will not be able to avoid saying them to you.
    He will seek to establish physical contact whenever he can. A subtle touch, a light touch, an innocent hug. All this, which may be harmless to the naked eye, has the sole objective of making your presence known to the person you like. In addition, it will help you to check the behavior of the other person in front of your contact.
  10. Every time he knows that he is going to see you, he will spend time taking care of his appearance and looking impeccable to get your attention. For others to see us as confident, we must first feel that way. So, if we look good and cared for, this security will help the person we are interested in to see us in a similar way.
  11. He will use jokes or phrases with a double meaning to make you see what he feels but in an indirect way.
  12. It will act in a protective manner. A person who is interested in you will not be able to hide his protective vein when he realizes that you may be in trouble or that you may need some help.
  13. It imitates you . This may seem a bit strange, but it has been shown that when a person secretly imitates our gestures, it makes them
  14. become more attractive to us because they make us feel certain complicity with them.
  15. He will want to chat with you whatever the topic. Many times they will initiate conversations that at first glance may seem banal and unimportant, but that person will not care what topic to talk about as long as they can talk with you.
  16. He wants to introduce you to his social and family circle. When someone wants you to be part of their life they will try to make you do
  17. it in its entirety, so it is not surprising that they want to introduce you to their closest friends and family.
  18. As he introduces you into his life, he wants to become part of yours and therefore he will be interested in everything that surrounds you as well as in those around you.
  19. He cares about how you feel. This is not just a simple polite question about how you are doing. But, really, he wants you to tell him what happens to you and he will try to help you as much as possible.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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