My ex shows off his new relationship, why and what to do?

The feelings that can appear at the end of a breakup are different for each person and also depending on who has decided to put an end to it. When something is finished we must take our time to repair the damage that this may have caused us, each one uses different strategies to face the loss. At times, the former partner may smile again with a new partner, while you are still assuming it is over. You don’t stop looking at his photos with the other person, or seeing how he has remade his life and you don’t understand why you are not capable of doing it. In this Psychology-Online article, we are going to try to see why your ex boasts of a new relationship and what to do.

Why a relationship is presumed

Why is my ex already posting photos with his new partner? You want to show off your relationship and let others know that you have a new partner. Next, we will see why your ex publishes that he is happy with his new partner :


If the relationship ended for you, it may happen that this fact has hurt his ego and the way in which he has managed to return to balance has been with this new love. That does not mean that the new person is not important or that it is a hobby, perhaps in the end it ends up being the person with whom you take new paths or perhaps it is just a rebound relationship. Here you will find the characteristics and duration of a rebound relationship.

Cause jealousy

Does my ex-post photos to make me jealous? Depending on how the relationship ended, one way to “show” someone that you are okay without that person is by showing the world that you are with another. If at the end of the relationship there have been many disagreements, you have hurt each other and you have not been able to speak things well and have a “good ending”, it may be the way to tell you that I have finished and “I have won”.


Perhaps your ex-partner is in the stage of infatuation with the other person, remember that this stage is very intense and effusive and it seems that everything is eternal. You want to tell everyone how much you love that person and how beautiful everything is with this person. In this article, we explain the 5 stages of love and their duration.

Changing priorities

It may happen that the priority at that time is that person, that is why he spends the day showing that person. According to which people, presenting and showing that a person is part of your life is a way of saying “I care about you.”

Here you will find more information about why your ex has a girlfriend so quickly.

Why does it hurt that my ex has a partner?

Perhaps since the relationship has ended you have been very aware of what the other person does and you have stopped focusing on yourself. It is inevitable that it will hurt you to watch your ex-partner smile again with someone who is not you. The fact of constantly focusing on the life of the other can generate:

Low self-esteem

Having lost your partner can mean that your self-esteem is also affected by it, since we remember that our social ties are an important source for our self-esteem. Also, if you add that your ex-partner boasts of happiness with another person, it can still aggravate the impact. It is important that you realize that not only that person was part of your life, that there are many more who value you, starting with you. Here you will find keys to improve self-esteem.


As has already been said in the previous point, having your ex with another person can alter our self-esteem and that can make us feel more insecure. It gives us the feeling that the other person has been stronger and capable of overcoming the breakup and instead you continue to cling to what could be and was not. Remember that each person has different times and that you should not force to overcome something, take your time and invest in everything that contributes to you.

Fear to loneliness

It may happen that the loss of an affective bond with your partner has awakened in you a feeling of loneliness. In addition, this has been seen even more accentuated if your ex-partner has already rebuilt his life. As mentioned in the other points, a person has many emotional ties, lean on those that do remain, and remember that the person you need the most is yourself. In this article, we explain how to overcome the fear of loneliness.

How to get over that my ex is with someone else

What to do when your ex uploads photos with his new partner? That your brain does not play tricks on you, it is true that your ex is with another person, but it is important to stop performing certain behaviors that can end up being self-destructive and make you go into a loop.

Don’t compare yourself

On many occasions, and that is something very human, it usually happens that when we believe that someone has won something that we also wanted, we compare ourselves with that person. We start looking for everything that is supposed to stand out above us and in turn, we unconsciously underestimate ourselves.

It is very important that in those moments you stop comparing yourself with the other person and begin to value yourself, even more, trust everything you are and the potential you have, and accept that in life sometimes you win and other times you lose, but yes we buy ourselves, we always lose, because our mind is already focusing on what the other person does have and we do not have. Love yourself today to love tomorrow.

Not all that glitters is gold

Most people like to show the bright side of things, but we all know that life is quite one of lime and another of sand. So stop looking at everything they do and how they do it, remember that what is taught is not the whole of the relationship. Truth?

Quality time for you

It is important to know each other and to know when we are entering a loop that can harm us. In the moments that we feel like this, it is important to look for alternatives that evade us a little, there are those who do well to play sports, go out with friends, read, listen to music, plan a trip. Do not stay anchored in the break or why, start a new story without the other person but with many things to discover.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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