If he blocks you, is it because he cares about you?

Throughout life, most people have and will go through the experience of heartbreak and living a breakup. It is really difficult to face heartbreak with happy feelings, it is a time where feelings tend more to sadness, anger, despair, rage, etc., each person has different ways of managing and living them.

There are those who in a short time decide to give another chance in love, there are those who decide not to accept that the relationship is over and there are those who decide to take measures to try to make all this affect them as little as possible, make plans with friends, allows you to express what you feel, etc. Even so, nowadays the new technologies sometimes do not play tricks to continue with our lives, the fact of being able to be 24/7 connected to social networks and instant messaging can make it more difficult for us to move forward without remaining anchored in the past relationship . At that moment, there are people who ask themselves the question: if I block my ex partner, am I giving it importance? In this Psychology-Online article, we want to answer your questions about this typical phrase. ReallyIf he blocks you, is it because he cares about you ? Now we will see what psychology says about it.

Why your ex has blocked you from WhatsApp

Does he block you because he cares about you? Well, first of all, we will see that the blocking action of social networks and instant messaging applications can be motivated by several reasons. The causes of your ex blocking you from WhatsApp are:

Emotional hygiene

Perhaps your ex partner has left the relationship very damaged and, in order to heal the wounds of this, has decided to put a barrier of contact between you to guarantee that there is no option to contact you.

Duel phase

Perhaps the blockage responds to a phase of grief such as anger, anger, or sadness over the breakup. One way to overcome this is to keep that person out of your life and with no option to contact you.


This can respond so much to a limit of the former partner, that it blocks you because he does not want to contact you, or it can respond to a limit that he has been forced to put on you, since you did not respect his space and you wrote constantly. Your ex may have blocked you because you were trying to resume the relationship when he or she said it was over. In this article we show 8 signs that your ex does not want to get back with you

Blocking someone is giving importance?

Blocking someone is not giving importance to that person, but an act of giving importance to what you feel and how you react if your ex contacts you. Perhaps there are people who, because they do not accept that it hurts to receive a message from their ex-partner and that it alters their day to day, they do not make the decision to block that person so that they do not seem to care, they prioritize the feelings of the other to their own own.

Sometimes, it is not so much that you care about the other person but that you have not overcome the damage that this person has done to you and if they get in contact with you, things are relived that one does not want to relive. The block serves to set a limit that helps you overcome something that you still have very recent today and that hurts you. When you perform an act of this type, you should think about yourself and not about the other person’s interpretation of it, but about why you do it. Do it if it really is what will be best for you or do not do it if you think it will be more beneficial for your process. In this article we talk about whether it is better to block or ignore an ex .

What to do when it blocks you?

When a person has blocked you, you must:

To accept

We must accept that each person experiences breakups in different ways, and perhaps the way one experiences it is not compatible with the way the other party is dealing with it. Even so, it is important to accept that the other person has made that decision and understand that each one has their way of dealing with losses and breakups.


It may not be an easy task to assume that your ex partner has blocked you, even if it is the decision he has made you should respect it and not try to contact that person. Remember that each one takes the separation or break as best he thinks it will work for him.

Talk to your surroundings

Talk to your surroundings

One way to try to alleviate the impotence that a blockage can suppose is to talk about it with your environment – friends, co-workers, family – express what you feel with them.


When someone must make the decision to veto someone from contacting him or her, it can be a good time to become aware and reflect on whether any of our actions could have hurt someone in such a way that this person does not want to have no contact with us. Perhaps it is simply a phase of the mourning for your breakup, where the other part of the couple simply gives some trouble that the other person can get in touch and the feelings that this may generate, but perhaps that block responds to a measure taken to the damage caused.

What does it mean to unlock you?

That your ex-partner unblocks you means that the person has been able to receive a message from you without altering his emotional state, it is a way of saying that he has overcome the break between the two of you or that the pain he felt when receiving a message has become more bearable. It is a way of telling you that the limit he has set has served to heal wounds. Even if he has unlocked you, it is good that before starting any conversation, ask if it would be a problem or not, or if he sees himself able to face it.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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