How to stop thinking about someone

The human being does not function automatically when it comes to affections. Thinking of someone is a reflection that that person has meaning for you. However, it may be that stopping thinking about her the way you do is the best thing to do. For example, when you are in love with someone who does not correspond to you.

Therefore, it is not so much about stopping thinking about someone but about changing the focus of this emotional experience. How to stop thinking about someone? In Psychology-Online we give you ideas to get someone out of the head of the heart.

How to stop thinking about someone you like

This process of forgetting is gradual and gradual. How to achieve this purpose?

1. Try to keep your mind occupied with other matters

For example, you can learn a new language, attend classes in a course that you like, go to the gym, focus on immediate occupations at work, develop a job improvement plan, surprise friends with special details … Does it mean that you will no longer remember that person? No, but when you act in this way, you lead your attention by scheduling an agenda that requires your personal involvement.

2. Don’t do things that harm you

For example, when you consult that person’s social networks, you feed their memory instead of forgetting. To mark the distance from this person, it is recommended that you avoid those situations that lead you to reinforce the image of someone in your mind. For example, avoid looking at photos.

And what happens if at some point you can’t help it? Be nice to yourself and continue on your way.

3. Focus on their flaws

Instead of fueling idealization, focus on the things you don’t like. You can also remember behaviors that you don’t find admirable. You can enhance the process of forgetting by consciously focusing on this perspective. Find out here how to stop idealizing someone.

4. Share your purpose to forget him

Involve other people of your highest confidence in your commitment to forget that person. When you verbalize your wish to essential friends, you increase your involvement in this goal. In addition, they will also be a support for you by being able to comment on details of this evolution. To forget someone you need time, but time does not do everything by itself.

5. Meet other people

When you feel that someone is unforgettable, you run the risk of locking yourself in that thought. However, when instead of isolating yourself, you try to activate your social relationships to nurture your emotional well-being with conversations and encounters, you are expanding your map at this point in your life.

However, beyond these tips, the ultimate key to change lies in the clear conviction that forgetting him is the best thing that can happen to you.

How to stop thinking about someone you like

When to stop thinking about someone? Four situations

In what cases can you ask yourself to stop thinking about someone? In Psychology-Online we list a catalog of possible situations:

1. Stop thinking about your ex

A breakup does not fully materialize until that person has also internalized that information in their mind and heart. It is then that goodbye takes on a deep meaning. To stop thinking about your ex, you have to go through a necessary grieving process.

2. Stop thinking about someone whose memory makes you suffer

When the memory of a person is synonymous with pain for you, you need to move beyond this fact to heal the emotions you feel around this experience. The human being is so complex that it can suffer from a very distant memory of the past. For example, it may happen that, in relation to this point, what could be and was not makes you suffer. Or the eternal question of not knowing what would have happened in case of making a different decision in life. No one can be a fortune teller of yesterday, reality is what it was. Focus on your present!

3. You give a lot and receive little

The emotional bank account of personal relationships is in a good time when there is a balance between giving and receiving. However, when you have the repetitive pain of getting involved with a person who usually responds with indifference and this affects you in the form of suffering, it is recommended that you stop thinking of that someone as a priority for you.

4. When memory robs you of more than it brings you

The thought is part of life, like memory. When thinking about someone becomes a weight that takes you away from the desired state of illusion, joy, and well-being, it is positive to do something about it. For example, when this thought becomes a form of mental rumination.

4 reasons to stop thinking about someone who does not suit you

  1. That person could have had their moment in your life, however, due to certain circumstances, it must be yesterday. It is important to forget the past and live in the present.
  2. To forget someone you not only have to get them out of your mind but also out of your thinking.
  3. When you spend so much time in your life thinking about someone who must be in your past, you do not leave room for the new.
  4. Perhaps, thinking about that someone is your only way to maintain the emotional bond through the emotions that you experience inside yourself. However, you have to let go of this memory to accept reality.

5 tips to stop thinking about someone according to psychology

Finally, in order to forget someone, we must follow some advice that psychology offers us:

  • Conclude the reason why you have made this decision and act in a coherent way with this initial motivation.
  • Make a plan. What are you going to do to stop thinking so much about that person? Make a list of actions you can take to accomplish this.
  • Set goals that you can meet to reinforce your level of self-confidence. Do not make impossible promises. Don’t accelerate the forgetting process through haste. Take the time you need but move on your way.
  • Read an inspirational quote from a famous author every day. And it connects with the message of the day as a mantra of fulfillment. If a date does not help you especially, change it for another.
  • Write a goodbye letter in which you express a message of forgetfulness. Writing it down and verbalizing it will help you take the first step.

How to stop thinking about someone? Starting to think of you.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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