How to know if my ex still loves me

Love stories do not always follow a linear sequence or rhythmic on both sides. Sometimes when unrequited love, one of the two stops being in love while the other still feeling something special comes. ” How do I know if my ex still loves me? ” If you ask this question, you might as well you’re at that point where you would like to give a second chance to your history, or else may happen to observe attitudes disconcert you because you thought that things had become clear among you. Psychology-Online we help you find the answer.

5 signs that your ex still loves you

If you end a relationship, but you still love your ex, you may wonder if the feeling is mutual. For example, you may go through your mind questions how are you: how do you know if my ex still loves me if you do not speak to me? or how do I know if my ex wants me if I have a girlfriend? The signs that your ex-boyfriend still loves you are:

  1. His attitude towards you, your words, and actions remind you greatly to that time in which both were together. Even though both steer a bond of friendship after the break, you continue to receive that love for her part, beyond that explicitly not verbalize. However, if you feel that you are very aware of yourself and seeks regular contact, perhaps because he feels some sort of sentimental nostalgia.
  2. Do not forget your important dates. Still present on the day of your birthday and other important days for you and lets you know somehow through a phrase memory. When this effective communication about special moments is recurring, you can also show some kind of melancholy. Especially critical is the tone of the message.
  3. It shows you. Your ex may not tell you in words how he feels about you right now, however, he does show you with his company, support, and care that you are an essential person in his life. When a person is still in love, it is very possible that they show that love as a natural manifestation of that inner heartbeat. In that case, what do you think about how your ex behaves with you? Do you see continuous demonstrations of love in their gestures towards you? Try to be honest at this point so that you don’t create false expectations if you don’t feel the same way. If you have the frequent feeling of being special to your ex, listen to that information.
  4. Ask other people for you. If your ex still loves you, it is very possible that he will ask other mutual friends about you. He will show interest in knowing what’s new in your life and if you are meeting someone. For all that your ex meant in your life, it is very likely that one of your friends will comment on this anecdote if the circumstance occurs objectively. Or, also, if your ex tells you frequently that he remembered you in certain situations of his daily routine, for example, when he saw a movie, this fact indicates that you are very present in his thought.
  5. His look expresses sadness if you have a date. Your ex is still in love with you if any positive news in your love life affects him in a negative way because this breaks his expectations of a possible reconciliation in the future. On the other hand, if your ex continues to love you, it may happen that he has not had a date again in a long time or, also, that although he has tried to have a relationship, his loves are fleeting stories since he unconsciously compares those people with you.
    In this other Psychology-Online article we will discover how to stop thinking about your ex-partner.

5 signs that your ex still loves you

Look for contact when you distance yourself

What if my ex looks for me? Maybe at some point, you have made the decision to distance yourself from your ex to forget him. For this reason, you have cut off communication through mobile or social networks. However, despite the strong will of your choice, every so often you receive a message from your ex who seems not to be in the same position as you as he continues to nurture the contact.

If your ex still loves you, the idea of ​​the final loss of contact generates the anguish and emotional vertigo of true grief and acceptance of reality. Since a break does not materialize emotionally in the immediate moment in which two people decide to break up, but when both really want to forget that love and turn the page.

It is even more significant than your ex continues to write to you if you have already spoken with him to explain that you prefer to keep your distance at this time. Since, in that case, he should respect your space even if he is still in love.

You maintain a romantic friendship with your ex

Sometimes there is also the situation of continuing to nurture a friendship after the breakup. However, you feel that this friendship has a certain romantic tone. That is, you think that the term friendship has become a shell to disguise a deeper reality but for fear of facing the truth of the situation, one of the two or both, you do not dare to take the step of clarifying things.

And how can you know if you have a friendship that invites confusion of feelings? Because you know that the moment one of the two has a new partner, this relationship is going to change completely. In this other article, we discover 5 reasons not to be friends with your ex, at least after the breakup. Afterward, you can always try to establish a friendship.

How do you know if your ex still loves you? If it is important for you to clarify this question, face this conversation with the only person who can give you the answer.

Look for contact when you distance yourself

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