How to forget a platonic love

Being in love with a person can be wonderful and extremely pleasant when we are well reciprocated. We can feel like “in the clouds”, experience the famous “butterflies in the stomach”, among many other sensations that undoubtedly make falling in love an extremely exciting and pleasant experience. But what happens when we are not well reciprocated? What happens when that person we love so much doesn’t feel the same way about us?

If you wonder: how to forget a platonic love or how to forget a forbidden love, surely this is your case and the situation has gone from being pleasant to painful. That is why in this Psychology-Online article, we are going to provide you with a series of practical tips so that you know once and for all how to forget a platonic love.

Tips to forget an impossible love

When we come to experience such intense feelings towards another person and for some reason or another we are not well reciprocated, either because the other simply does not like us and does not even know us because we do not dare to approach them, etc. This can become extremely painful for the person in love since in the end, all those intense emotions turn only into negative and extremely harmful emotions if we do not know how to manage them.

When it comes to forgetting a forbidden love, as we mentioned earlier, we can carry out a series of practical tips that will be very useful to achieve it. Some tips that we can follow to achieve this are the following:

Stay away from that person

It depends on the situation in which you find yourself, whether you are seeing it often or you do not see it physically but are frequently in contact by phone, social networks, etc. The best thing you can do in these cases, especially when you are already clear that that person does not feel the same as you, is to get away from them. It may be the case that they have agreed to be “friends” because he or she does not feel the same about you and you do not want to lose contact, however, doing this will only cause you more damage.

Keep in mind that at least for the moment you cannot be a sincere friend since you still like that person and you are completely in love with them. Imagine what you can feel if, being friends, the other person meets someone they like, you will feel more pain than having distanced yourself from them before. Apart from that, continuing to maintain that relationship will make you consciously or unconsciously continue to maintain that hope and that you stop meeting other people who may also interest you by focusing all your attention on your impossible love.

Love yourself

Surely, thanks to this situation you are going through and even because you are only focusing on forgetting an impossible love, you are forgetting the most important thing and that is you. Remember that the better you feel about yourself, the better you will be able to feel with others and one of the fundamental things to get ahead, especially in a situation like this, is to cultivate and increase self-love . The keys to achieving this is knowing how to respect, value, pamper, and take care of yourself. Realize your personal worth, love yourself and do everything in your power to overcome even the most difficult situation that is making you suffer.

Surround yourself with friends and/or family

It is very common for a person who is suffering to choose to isolate himself totally or partially from others and this is the worst thing that can be done to overcome the pain. It is necessary that you have a support network to accompany you in this process. Find the company of your family and your closest friends, talk to them, tell them about the situation you are going through, go out and have fun with them, invite them home so that you are not alone all the time and spend a pleasant time by your side, etc. The point is that you find yourself as accompanied and clothed as possible.

Stay away from that person

What must be done to forget an impossible love

Do not try to forget a forbidden love with whom you have been so intensely in love (a) from one day to the next because it will be practically impossible. Think that time heals everything and that although surely now you are not feeling well at all and you are even suffering too much, if you have moved away from that person and have been doing everything possible to forget them, day by day you will feel better. You will only perceive it, as the days go by, your pain will dissipate and when you realize it it will be completely gone.

Try not to despair or get frustrated by the annoying emotions you have now, you are not going to feel that way all your life, it is impossible, especially if you have already been doing things to overcome that platonic love for which you have been suffering for so long. Mentalize yourself that tomorrow you will feel a little better than today and so on. You may also think that later on you will have the opportunity to meet new people with whom you can fall in love and you can be well reciprocated.

What must be done to forget an impossible love

Psychological therapy: tricks to forget a platonic love

Remember that in case you feel that this situation is getting out of your hands and that no matter how hard you try, you do not know how to control it and it is impossible for you to feel better, it is necessary that you go to a professional who will help you and guide you that you can get ahead as soon as possible. The objective that the professional will have, in this case, the psychologist, will be to provide you with some tools to raise your self-esteem, to modify the perception you have about this situation, and that you can find the learning that exists within this painful experience It will also help you to manage your emotions that are causing you discomfort in the best possible way, among other things that will vary depending on the particular situation of each person.

The point is that you manage to find a positive meaning to what is happening to you, that you continue with the emotional life goals that you probably had previously established, and that you finally begin to lead a normal life without the pain that does not leave you present. move along.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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