How to be indifferent to a man

There are different situations in which you can make the decision to show indifference to a man. If you make this decision, it may be because you have decided to forget him or because that person does not interest you. Therefore, do not use the strategy of indifference as a seduction device or as a way to make him jealous.

How to be indifferent to a man? How to ignore a man? In Psychology-Online, we give you ideas to achieve this and we tell you in which situations it may be convenient to have this attitude if you have already valued and assumed the effects that can occur from these circumstances.

How to be indifferent to a man

How to be indifferent to a man you like? Here are 6 tips to show indifference to a man

  1. Focus your time and attention on other people around you. When you like someone, a lot of your attention is on them. However, if you have decided to be indifferent to that man to forget him, then it is important that you make the conscious choice to occupy your time with other people who can be an emotional point of support to achieve this purpose. You can communicate to some of your best friends this firm decision to be indifferent to that man you like but who ignores you or does not suit you. By showing your commitment to other people, you also reaffirm yourself more.
  2. Practical decisions. If you want to be indifferent with a man, then take this purpose to concrete actions of day to day. For example, delete your mobile phone from your contact book and all those messages you save. In turn, it is also convenient that you stop following him on social networks. And if you used to go somewhere causing an apparent chance encounter in a place where you knew you were going to meet him at a certain time, then it is also recommended that you break with this routine.
  3. Ignore special dates . For example, this man may soon celebrate his birthday or achieve a professional success that you would like to congratulate him on. However, these types of gestures show that that person is special to you. If you want to be indifferent to a person, then you will also have to avoid these types of details even if you remember what date it is. Try to shift the focus of your attention to celebrating something that is important to you in relation to your life today.
  4. Forget about the phone a bit , you don’t need to be on the phone all day or other means of contact. It’s not about not responding to their phone messages if they take the initiative to write to you. However, you can grant yourself the freedom to take days to reply or to offer a short reply.
  5. Remember what you want to achieve with it. There will be many moments when you find it difficult to maintain your indifference. For this reason, it is recommended that you remember more often what was the reason why you made this decision. For example, it is likely that you wanted to put an end and stop loving someone who does not correspond to you or who does not suit you. In that case, observe this action plan as a process that allows you to improve your quality of life through forgetfulness.
  6. Set yourself new goals and objectives that require your effort and dedication. Work can be an important occupation that helps you focus immediate attention on your work goals.

How to be indifferent to a man

Indifference in love, does it work?

Does going from a man work? It depends on what the goal is and how the person reacts. Indifference can have different reasons and sometimes we act that way thinking that it works or that a man reacts well to indifference, below we list five examples where you can make the decision to show indifference to a man:

1. A man plays with your feelings

When you are tired because you feel undervalued by that man who never takes you seriously, plays with your illusions, says one thing but does the opposite and never seems to live up to your expectations , then indifference is a form of protection against to that changing game in which the feeling is superficial.

2. Is in love with someone else

If that man you like is happy next to another person, indifference may be your way of distancing yourself even on the level of friendship to focus on yourself and start the grieving process. This indifference can be a defense mechanism that helps you turn the page.

3. He is a man who does not suit you

Perhaps you feel that their presence in your life is not a good influence on you or it is someone who has lied to you on a frequent basis and you have lost all your trust in that person.

4. You want to make things clear

For example, if he is the one who is interested in you and finds it difficult to accept what your feelings are towards him, indifference can also be a temporary measure to minimize the risk of generating some kind of confusion if he continues to insist despite everything.

5. You want to break the psychological hook

Perhaps you feel that this illusion has turned into an obsession that takes you to the plane of emotional dependence through a kind of psychological hook that breaks your inner peace. If you want to break out of this circle, then you can produce a script twist through indifference.

Indifference in love, does it work?

Being indifferent falls in love?

Dosing interest may be a good idea, however, this has nothing to do with indifference. When you take indifference at face value, you run the risk of the other person receiving a totally different message than what you want to convey. That is, they may think you are not interested. In turn, it can deduce a totally different image about your way of being. For example, you can imagine that you are a distant person.

Even though indifference can have some positive effect on seduction in some cases, the truth is that it is not easy to practice it at the right time, in the right way, and in the right dose. This means that the other person may lose patience with this attitude because they conclude that they do not want to continue waiting when they observe a total disinterest in you.

Therefore, happiness is freedom. And love is too. Emotional intelligence is born from the coherence of being and being in harmony with you. If you are excited about someone, why hide that interest instead of showing it?

How to ignore a man

At this point you might be wondering: How can I ignore a man I like? Next, we’ll see how to ignore a man who just wants to sleep with you, how to ignore a man who ignores you, and how to ignore a man who doesn’t value you. We offer a list of guidelines for ignoring a man:

  • Do not look for the contact: do not start a conversation, neither personally nor through social networks. Do not look for information about him, or ask third parties about him.
    Get on with your life: prioritize yourself, your family, your job, your friends, your hobbies, and so on. Go on with your life, and above all, enjoy it!
  • Take up your time: with activities that match your interests.
  • Be open to new experiences, meeting new people, trying other activities, different places, and so on.
  • Set yourself goals that excite you and that keep you focused on their achievement.
  • Social support: go to your social support network, take the initiative to have a coffee with your colleagues or go to dinner with friends.

How to ignore a man to look for you

In the previous section, we explained how to ignore a man if you do not want to continue having contact with him. Either because the relationship does not give you what you expected or because their behavior is not what you like in a couple.

In this section, we talk about a totally different topic: how to ignore a man to find you. That is, using reverse psychology to make a man fall in love. Ignoring a man in order to seek you out consists of temporarily withdrawing your attention from him, with the aim that when he perceives this lack of attention, he changes his behavior to get the attention again.

How to ignore a man to look for you?

First of all, it is important to detect what it is that has bothered us. Was it a behavior, a word, etc? Second, we must explain to our partner how we feel, what has bothered us, and how we would like him to act. We must be concise and specific. A person cannot change his whole way of being, but he can control or moderate specific things.

After that explanation, our behavior can also change, since its act has produced consequences. We can decrease attention to him. In this way, you will also feel that you must do your part to repair the relationship and get our attention again.

Does going from a man work?

This method can work to make a man react at a certain time. However, care must be taken because it can also weaken the relationship. It is important not to opt for this method exclusively and recurrently. Relationships need communication, dialogue, and assertiveness.

It should be noted that each person is different and we cannot be sure how a specific man will react. Your reaction will depend on many factors, from your personality to your degree of involvement in the relationship. For this reason, going from a man may work and it may not.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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