How not to fall in love with someone so fast

How not to fall in love with someone so fast.Some people affirm that they are very enamored since they deposit high expectations of love when meeting someone who arouses their romantic interest. From this perspective, sometimes, after the idealization comes to the disappointment of someone who, after having been emotionally involved in a story, does not feel valued by the other person. There is no effective way to avoid any kind of sentimental pain since wearing a breastplate against any kind of illusion is also a form of suffering.

However, a form of emotional protection is one that is born from the prudence of allowing time to observe the evolution of a story trying to maintain the balance between the illusion of that love that can become and the patience to attend to reality. In herself. How not to fall in love with someone so fast? If this is your purpose, in Psychology-Online we help you find the answer.

People who fall in love easily according to psychology

Each story is different, in fact, we encourage you to do an introspection exercise to delve into what you think are the reasons why this happens to you. Here are five possible scenarios:

1. People in love with love

There is the risk of turning falling in love into a philosophy of life thanks to the lure of the illusion it brings, the butterflies in the stomach and that intensity with which the present is lived. Some people live forever craving these kinds of sensations.

2. Not learning from experience

Some people observe how they live a story that has a similar scheme at different times with different protagonists. Love is not only feeling , it is also reflection. And after a love disappointment, it is convenient to meditate on what happened to be able to draw some conclusions about vital lessons that can be put into practice from then on. However, when a person avoids this phase of reflection, he prolongs previous mistakes in the present.

3. Fear of loneliness

When a person fears present or future loneliness, he lowers his own sentimental expectations. Magnify the details of interest that you observe in the other person and express promises of love in advance. Those people who combine the concept of happiness with life as a couple may be more vulnerable to the risk of falling in love quickly.

4. Low self-esteem

When a person loves himself little, he looks for happiness in someone external. You want to assert your own worth by feeling attracted to someone. And he mistakes attraction and liking for love itself. This low self-esteem favors the bonds of emotional dependence.

5. Lack of true friends

Human beings are social by nature, they need this environment of belonging to fully develop emotionally. Friendship ties bring emotions and happiness. However, there is a type of loneliness that is one that is conditioned by the absence of reference links . When a person feels lonely they are more vulnerable to the risk of falling in love quickly by confusing affection with falling in love.

People who fall in love easily according to psychology

What to do when you fall in love too fast

  1. Don’t just focus on that person. Your life is not completely changed by the fact that you have met him. Keep enjoying the same routines as always. That is, do not leave your friends in the background no matter how much you want to be constantly with that special someone. Try to take that story in stride to give yourself time to get to know him better and know what you want.
  2. Beware of romantic comedies. This type of cinema can be entertaining. However, it is convenient to promote critical reflection around these stories with a happy ending to differentiate between the plot of the big screen and life itself. The romance film is predictable with immediate arrows and an eternity of love that feeds the topic of twin souls and destiny.
  3. Defend your own space as a value. This autonomy and independence help you adopt a lifestyle in which you are the protagonist from an empowering vision. In turn, by having your own space, you also acquire greater emotional distance to reflect on the evolution of events.
  4. Use the power of your reason. The impulse of emotion can be very intense, yet as important as the heart is the very logic of reason. Listen more often to your inner voice. To do this, not only observe the words that the other person tells you, but also what their actions are. Also, keep in mind that even if you think you really know him, in reality, you don’t. You can only really love someone when you know who they are. And this knowledge takes time.
  5. Learn from other people’s experiences. Very often it happens that someone objectively observes the negative of falling in love quickly when he sees this example in someone external, however, he is a victim of the subjectivity of his own emotion when he is the protagonist of the process. Try to listen to the advice of people who appreciate you.

What to do when you fall in love too fast

Is falling in love fast bad?

The risk of falling in love very soon with another person is that, when you act in this way, you may be looking for someone to fill your internal voids. No one decides 100% when or with whom they fall in love, however, falling in love too quickly on more than one occasion can be a sign of insecurity and attachment problems.

Invest in self-love to improve your life

The best way to fall in love with another person is by being aware, beforehand, of what your value is . To do this, make decisions that help you improve your own life: study, learn languages, fight to improve yourself, enjoy the present, spend time with your family, encourage contact with nature, do things that you like and appreciate. the value of simplicity in everyday life. Happiness can not only be in the illusion of the state of being in love, but also in the serenity of observing a beautiful landscape.

If, after meeting someone, you feel that they are the love of your life and this is something that happens to you frequently, psychological therapy can help you identify the reason why you live each story from the idealization.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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