How long does it take for a person to repent

The adult human being is an expert in repentance. Mainly, because when time passes and we look back, we tend to remember more the good than the bad. This has a beneficial part, which is that suffering goes somewhat more unnoticed. And a not so good part, that makes us long for stages of life that were not as happy as we remember. Who has not happened to him that after a while of ending a relationship, he especially remembers the happy moments and misses his ex-partner?

In this Psychology-Online article we will talk about regret. When does it happen? On what occasions does a person regret having left a relationship? And, if it happens, how long does it take for a person to repent?

Why a former partner regrets

The most common cause of regret is related to romantic breakups. It occurs at the moment in which the person who has ended the relationship realizes the true value that his ex-partner had, either for real reasons or for skewed memories of their relationship. Even by a subjective estimate of what his life could have been if he had continued with that person, something that, logically, is not possible to verify.

When repentance refers, for example, to infidelity, it can occur just after committing it, due to the feeling of guilt, or when the unfaithful manages to see the repercussion that his act has on the relationship because the partner has found out. Usually feelings of betrayal, disappointment, pain, etc. In this article we explain what feelings a person experiences who has been unfaithful.

There is also regret linked to what has or has not been done during the relationship. This usually appears when the relationship ends. Some examples are: I did not take enough care of my partner, I did not know how to listen to him/her, I did not spend time doing things together or I was too demanding.

How long does it take for a person to miss you

miss you


When does a person miss their ex-partner and regret having ended the relationship? Regret can appear the next day or years later. Do men and women take the same time? According to studies, women miss our ex-partner earlier than men, but on the other hand, we recover better from the breakup. Men cope better at the beginning, but as time goes on they start to go downhill.

In general, women are more emotional than men, so they tend to express their feelings with less difficulty. Men tend to hide, ignore or disguise them, but they end up dating. Hence, they start to have a hard time when they are beginning to come back.

The time it takes for both men and women to miss is difficult to determine, as is the duration of the bereavement or mourning for the breakdown of the relationship. It is estimated that it can last between six months and two years, like mourning the death of a loved one, however, it depends on each person and their particular circumstances.

There are certain events that can cause a man or a woman to miss their ex-partner. The designated dates, usual or special places that they visited as a couple, certain smells or foods, expressions, music or movies. In general, anything that reminds you of him or her.

How long does an ex take to look for you?

If you have ended your relationship, there is a possibility that your ex will try to get back with you. How long will it take to do it? Well, we cannot know exactly, but we can estimate it taking into account some factors.

  • If the communication between the two has continued to be habitual, it may take time to look for you since in reality, he has not yet completely lost you. Maybe in another way, but you’re still in his life.
  • When you have cut communication, things change. While it is the best way to forget the past, at first they will feel disoriented or disoriented and they may look to you to feel safe .
  • They are also more likely to look for you soon if there was some kind of emotional dependency, if they related little to other people or if they made the decision to leave you lightly or at a delicate moment.

Is it possible to get back with your ex?

When things go wrong in a relationship and it ends in a breakup, is it forever? If you have lost your partner and are interested in returning, there may still be chances if you have not crossed certain red lines.

Even when infidelity, there is hope. Although these cases are the most complicated and those that require the most time, effort, patience and above all, the will to forgive. In this article we explain how to overcome infidelity and stay with your partner.

To get back with a former partner, rush is not good. Since if you go back to the point where the relationship ended, you will probably suffer the same fate. The changes will be superficial and motivated by the rewards of being together, but in the long run you will make the same mistakes and will return to where you are now.

If there is love, respect, and common interests, you can work to make the relationship work. A couples therapist will help you communicate better, explain the mistakes you were making, and how to avoid repeating them. After a well-managed couple’s therapy and with the work of both partners, the relationship will be healthier and the bond stronger. In this article, we explain more about how to get your ex back.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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