About Us

I am feeling a guide is a new and growing web knowledge-based site. With a mission of addressing a wide range of international audiences, we committed to deliver only quality knowledge to our audience of all ages and never compromise on the quality of content.

Our mission is to provide you with well researched and evidence-based knowledge about your feelings, emotions and all the problems which destroy you from inside. Our ultimate goal is to equip you with all basics about which most of us are confused, enabling you to help your relatives and loved ones by solving their unexplainable issues. If you didn’t understand your feelings and you’re loved one’s mood swings then you can’t heal the problems and the end result will not be suitable in the interest of yourself and your families.

We are committed to providing you with all the information with much delegation and professionalism. We always try to avoid all the false concepts and information which is misleading people and destroying their emotional intellect.

Our literature is not only for individual or home-based people, it can also be used by universities, colleges and in offices for solving professional issues. All the literature on this website is free of cost and you can view it whenever you want without any restriction of age, gender and profession. It will be a pride moment for us if our knowledge helps you in finding solutions for your ultimate problems.

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